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Tabouli is one of the famous salads on our menu. Dressed in lemon juice and olive oil, it gives you an ultimate punch of taste, freshness, and sparkle. Tabouli is made with finely-cut parsley, some tomatoes, onions, and burghal. When you visit Castle Restaurant, make it a must-order salad for your next visit.

Meshwi Meshakil

Middle Eastern cuisine can’t get any better than meshwi mashakil on your table. It consists of 3 lamb skewers, 3 chicken skewers, 3 kafta skewers, 3 cutlets – all served with a punch of tomato and grilled onion. You don’t want to miss out on this day!

Makali Mshakli

If you are on the lookout for a special hot entrée, you are in massive luck. Makali mshakli is a special Middle Easter dish that is a mixture of potatoes, and cauliflower. What makes it super delicious is that it is served with our special tahini sauce.eggplant,

Kebi Nayi

Get ready to devour one of the most special chef’s picks from our menu called Kebi Nayi. If you are a sucker for minced raw lamb, this dish is for you. Kebi Nayi is combined with mouth-watering burghal and traditional spices. Furthermore, it is drenched in virgin olive oil and is served with onion and fresh mint.

Samak Meshakil

Do you fancy some sea food on your visit? Worry not, because samak meshakil is the perfect resort for your sea food needs. You can get fried fish, sardine, calamari, prawns, and samki harra all within this special platter. Not just that, you can top it off with finely curated fattoush, chips, and garlic